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Oct 30, 2023

My interview with author Dr. Angela Sutton about her book, Pirates of the Slave Trade: The Battle of Cape Lopez and the Birth of an American Institution, is now posted. Pirates of the Slave Trade follows three fascinating figures whose fates would violently converge: John Conny, a charismatic leader of the Akan people; the infamous pirate Black Bart, who worked his way from an anonymous navigator to one of the British Empire’s most notorious enemies in the region; and naval captain Chaloner Ogle, tasked by the Crown with hunting down and killing Black Bart at all costs. At the Battle of Cape Lopez, these three men and the massive historical forces at their backs would finally find each other—and the world would be transformed forever. This book highlights the root of societies' greatest evil, Chattel Slavery. To discuss slavery and where it started is impossible without reading this book. I hope all will.